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How To Protect Your Data On Facebook

Has the recent news made you concerned about the data you are sharing on Facebook? Here are the quick and easy steps you can take right now to limit the amount of information you allow Facebook to share with 3rd party applications.


8 Powerful SEO Tips to Help Rank Your New Website on Google

Ranking a new website is hard work; there are no guarantees and no short cuts. Make sure your site is a site you would want to visit and written the way humans would want to read it.


Expert Classic ASP Programming

Why Classic ASP?


What does your website really cost you?

As owner of a web development company, prospective new clients often ask me how much our websites cost. While I share what we charge to build a website, I secretly wish prospects would also ask me the 'real' cost of their current website.


Chrome's 'Not Secure' Label Will Soon Warn Website Visitors - The New SSL Standard

The Google announcement of Aug 2017 puts website designers and owners on notice they'll soon make SSL certificates the minimum security standard for all website traffic.